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Stormblade Productions started in 2012 after Neil saw a market saturated with talented authors not able to get their voices heard. Passionate about writing and having spent a few years working for Starburst Magazine, Stormblade Productions was born. Carrie, Neil's Sister joined Stormblade Productions in 2014. We specialise in working with one author at a time, this ensures we take our time to produce a quality product readers and fans of the genre will enjoy.

Just who is Neil John Buchanan

Neil's work has appeared in various online and print venues including: Matt Shaw's Easter Eggs and Bunny Boilers anthology, Pseudopod, Drabblecast, Terminal Earth Anthology, Morpheus Tales, and Necrotic Tissue. Neil also freelances for Starburst magazine and can be found interviewing famous folk from time to time. He lives with a sympathetic wife, three manic children, three equally manic cats and a bad-tempered rabbit. You can find much of his work here, including Everett Smiles and Wind Walker. He is currently hard at work on his début novel, Clockwork Knights, which is the literary equivalent of trying to wrestle an Octopus into a jam jar. At times he can be found attempting to manage his 35 strong team, something he calls real work.

and who is Carrie Buchanan  

Carrie is first and foremost a reviewer, and loves nothing better than sitting in her comfy leather armchair, reading all your wonderful work. As a partner in Stormblade Productions, she manages the promotional side. Carrie is also an audio artist whose work includes the voices of Everett Smiles, Wind Walker, Waiting on the Road to Palladium, soon to be released audio versions of Paul Kane's Snow and Dawn Cano's Sleep Deprived, she can currently be heard as the voice of transatlantic swearing over on Smitherd and Shaw podcast. She lives within a wasteland of unrelenting horror, amongst strange four-legged beasties who sometimes peer in her windows. An avid reviewer, horror fan and gamer. Carrie also claims to do real work, and can be found lecturing across the South West of england, or we think, just talking all day.