An Independent Production and Publishing House

Stormblade productions are an independent production and publishing house. Producers of written stories, novellas, novels and audio drama.

Based in the Southwest of the United Kingdon and founded in 2012, Stormblade Productions is a forward-thinking independent publisher working hard to give our authors the best chance of success in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

We cast our net as widely as possible in search of great books. At a time when publishers and literary agents are closing their doors even to authors with a proven track record, we continue to accept unsolicited work from both new and established writers. To help them with the sometimes daunting and nerve-wracking task of sending their cherished work to a publisher, we endeavour to make our submission process as friendly and efficient as possible.

With this in mind, we are now looking to 2017 and are currently open to submissions. In particular we are looking for a novel to knock our socks off. See the submission section of the website for more details.

Award Winning

From award winning Paul Kane.


Available now in paperback and kindle. Audio coming soon.


In the frozen wilderness, Angela is running: away from the man who’s trying to kill her; away from a lonely upbringing; and away from terrible family secrets… When she discovers something else hidden from prying eyes – horrors unthinkable, inconceivable. Monstrous things that might just save her life. A dark modern spin on another well-known fairy tale in Snow.

Supporting New Authors

Ophelia by Kevin Wallis.

Available now on Kindle.

This isn’t the life Ophelia wanted. She used to have dreams. Getting out of Louisiana. Maybe moving to New York and breaking into modeling. Her momma always said she was pretty enough, before she died. But now Ophelia is a ticket taker at Cristante’s House of Bizarro. She’s Black Beauty Jones, plaything of the Circus Master, forced to act out his perverse desires. 

All Formats

Wind Walker by Neil Buchanan

Available now on Kindle and Audio

Something stirs beneath the ice-locked tundra of Snowdonia National Park. An ancient force of unspeakable evil scrabbles at the boundaries between worlds. Its servants creep from sunless caverns and crave the taste of warm human flesh. Ithaqua summons his children home. A new age approaches. Gibbering monsters and nameless horrors await and a blend of man and beast is needed to show the Great Old Ones the way. Dwellers in the deep. Fields of quivering flesh. All await the children of the Wind Walker . . .